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Learn the most important things to consider before getting your faucet. Depending on the materials used, the faucet will be more durable and better sealed.

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Tap Findings & Buying Tips

In the visuals listed below we highlight single-handle pullout taps, a popular style that incorporates a spray head and spout for benefit and also versatility. But our findings apply to other faucet styles also. Below’s what else to consider when shopping for a brand-new tap.

Suit the Tap With the Number of Mounting Holes
Most sinks come with installing openings pre-drilled for faucets and devices such as side sprays or soap dispensers. The base plate sold with your new faucet could be used to cover holes in your counter top, but do not purchase a faucet that needs even more sink openings than your sink has; it’s not a great suggestion to try to pierce extra openings in an existing sink or counter top.

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